What to Write in a Birthday Card for Mum

You have evolved from the encouragement and devotion she has given to your entire family. Her day is worthy of a unique celebration!  She should hear it every single day, but on her birthday, it is even more important to express your family’s gratitude.


Tell mum she means the world to you. Mark the day by sending a unique birthday card for mum. Inspirational birthday cards for her can be found by browsing our vast selection.


Birthday Wishes to Write in a Birthday Card for Mum


Mothers cherish sincere words from their kids. Pay attention to what your heart tells you. We’re here to help you decide what to write in a birthday card for mum. Birthday wishes for mum from son and daughter might go something like this:


“You are amazing in every way possible. There are no words to express my gratitude. You made me who I am today. Happy Birthday, Mum!”


“We are thankful for the joy you have brought to our lives. Thanks a million for always making us smile."


"You are caring, kind and cool. Happy Birthday to the best mum ever!”


“Happy Birthday, Wonder Woman! Cheers to you, mum!”


“You have always put us first. We are so appreciative of your kindness."


"Mum, you are so deserving of everything your heart desires. I am still learning so much from you. Happy Birthday!”


“You don’t give a darn what others think about you! Keep inspiring us to be more like you."


"You have taught me to always be open and honest with my own children. I am incredibly fortunate that you are my mum. Happy Birthday!”


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