What to Write in a Good Luck Card

Let your loved ones know luck is on their side with good luck cards!


You’ll surely make them smile with a good luck card, and it just might turn out to be their good luck charm. Do they have a big exam coming up? Give them a good luck for exams card to shower them with good luck wishes. We have an extensive range of unique good luck cards!


Good Luck Messages

Writing good luck messages in good luck cards can bring good fortune to the people we care for. Having trouble deciding what to write in a good luck card? We have plenty of suggestions. Show your support and send good vibes with good luck messages to elevate their mood. Maybe your spouse has an important job interview. Send a good luck card for him or her with thoughtful good luck messages.

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Message for good luck at your new school card

 “New friends are waiting to meet you. Don’t worry. Everything will be cool at school. Best of luck on your first day.”


Good luck wishes for exams

 “Exams are nothing to fear. They are the stepping stones to success. Good luck and all the best. You got this!”


Good luck wishes for new job

 “Wishing you the biggest and best success in your new job. You have earned it! Congrats! Now go rock your new role!”


Good luck wishes for school

 “Today you are turning a new page in life. I know you're up to the challenge and you’ll find fantastic friends there!”