What to Write in a Wedding Anniversary Card


No matter if it’s your first anniversary, 365 days of ups and downs with each other, or your 50th anniversary, meaning you’ve made it through half a century, every year is as priceless as the one before.


Reflect on what a marriage becomes year after year, and it’s something hard to describe. Sure, each marriage is unique, but these past two years have been tough on everyone. We have been stuck at home and perhaps discovered more about ourselves and our partners than we ever thought possible.


Start here for ideas of what to write in a wedding anniversary card. The pandemic taught you tons about your spouse, and you might consider this for your anniversary card.


Take a look at our one-of-a-kind anniversary cards to celebrate this special day with love and sincerity.


Anniversary Wishes to Write in an Anniversary Card


Inspirational anniversary wishes to write in a wedding anniversary card:


What to write in an anniversary card for wife:


“I discover a different way to love you each day. From time to time, I also find new ways to irritate you. Yet, in the end, I’m still convinced we’re a team. 


“Waking up with you each morning is what I cherish. I love this endless rhythm of love, happiness, laughter, and adventure. Thank you so, so much. Happy Anniversary, darling!”


What to write in an anniversary card for husband:


“We’ve created a fantastic world together with our own brand of crazy. Happy Anniversary!”


“You bring so much laughter to my life just by being you. I love you. Happy Anniversary!”


“You still know how to make me smile. Thank you for being by my side. Happy Anniversary!”