Is It Too Late to Send a Sympathy Card?

Is it OK to send a sympathy card late?

Quite simply, yes. It’s never too late.

Some feel that the first weeks after the funeral are the toughest, and that’s when sympathy is needed. Yet, in reality, as time passes, those who have lost someone dear to them begin to feel increasingly alone. No one else is grieving with them. So "too late" is not an issue when sending a sympathy card. Knowing that you still have support months after the funeral gives the added assurance after droves of cards, flowers, and condolences that come with visitors in the first few days. It is still quite acceptable to send a sympathy card months later. If this makes you feel awkward, you can add a comment to the card such as “I know this is late, but I’m always here for you…”

What is the etiquette for sending sympathy cards?

Condolence cards are customarily sent to those closest to the deceased (family members such as a spouse, parents, child etc.). This is proper etiquette. Depending on your relationship with the other relatives, you can certainly send them a condolence card as well. For example, if your friend’s father-in-law passed away, send your friend’s spouse a card and then send one to your friend as well. Sending just one card to the couple would be inconsiderate. However, in the event of losing a child, one card to the couple would be appropriate.

Can I Send a Text Message as a Sympathy Message?

Under no circumstances should you send a text message as a sympathy message. Nor is it appropriate to send a sympathy card online. Instead, proper etiquette would be to send a physical sympathy card. Explore Graphic Factory’s sympathy card collection to view unique condolence cards.