What to Write in a 1st Birthday Card

Many folks don’t feel the need because such a young child will never remember getting a card. For parents though, the 1st birthday is a huge deal. Regardless of what others say, it needs to be commemorated. Not sure what to write in a 1st birthday card? Here we have some helpful ideas.


Grandparents find a child’s 1st birthday to be important too.  You’ve got to select a unique granddaughter 1st birthday card or grandson 1st birthday card first, then figure out what to write. Graphic Factory’s Collection has adorable 1st birthday cards to choose from.


1st Birthday Wishes


We came up with some perfect 1st birthday wishes you can write in a 1st birthday card. So browse these sincere words to include in a daughter 1st birthday card or son 1st birthday card.


“We will always remember the moment you were born and brightened our lives. We love you more than anything. Happy Birthday little one.”


“Words cannot express the joy your smile brings me. I feel lucky to have such a darling baby. Happy Birthday!”


“Watching you grow feels bittersweet. We’ve been waiting for your first birthday but will surely miss your baby days. You’re the sweetest baby ever. I love you so much.”


“How are you already 1? I love your dimples when you smile most of all. With you as my grandchild, I couldn’t ask for anything else. Happy Birthday!”


“I see your dad in your eyes and your big smile. He was just as cute as you. I’m so lucky to have you as my grandson/granddaughter. Happy Birthday. I love you!”